COVID-19 Coronavirus – Buy with confidence

COVID-19 Business Action Plan

Page Updated:  24/06/20

Please be assured that our expert teams are working closely with the Scottish & UK Governments and health organisations around the world to ensure we are following the very latest advice.  Our facilities are currently closed until 3rd July.   The Scottish Government has advised that the Scottish Tourism sector will fully reopen on the 15th July.  There is however a relaxation of the phased lockdown for our sector, allowing motorhome hire and campsites to open earlier on the 3rd July.      

As of now we have opened up our booking system from 3rd July. All vehicle types are available on a first booked first served basis.

Campsites will also be free to open from 3rd July but they cannot open shared indoor facilities until the 15th. This means campsites will welcome motorhomes that have self contained facilities eg. toilet, shower, water supplies and waste storage. All of our vehicles will meet this criteria. .

We would like to encourage all our customers to use campsites during this time. It is important that we are all mindful of rural communities and we do not want to overburden them by informal camping. This is still a sensitive time for all.



We fully understand that many of our customers want to change their travel plans given the evolving COVID-19 situation, so we have put a number of measures in place so that you can book with confidence with us.

We are giving additional levels of flexibility to customers.  The following is applicable to all current bookings and bookings made between now and 30th June 2020.

For current bookings

For current bookings, that are fully paid, we will offer the chance to move the hire to future dates. There will be no administration charge for the first amendment, thereafter normal adjustment charges (£25 admin) will prevail.  The hire will need to be completed by 31st October 2021. If there is an increase in cost of the hire to the new dates, this will fall due at time of making the amendment. If the price of the new dates is less we will hold a credit balance on your account. This balance can be used to purchase future hires or optional extras on current hires.

For new bookings

Any new bookings will immediately be handled as per the statement above.  Our booking system will not allow bookings on certain dates due to expected closure.  Bookings for dates further in the future remain open.



Our normal terms and conditions remain in force for cancellations; see section 6.    If you wish to cancel and claim travel insurance please write to us at the details shown below.   We have altered our terms for postponements.  Moving a booking to a future date will not be classed as a cancellation (see below).



Postponements are available to all bookings that are fully paid.  If you have a balance to pay you can cancel and only lose the deposit.   If you have a balance to pay and would like to postpone, we will require the balance first.  This converts the booking to “full” status and provides these postponement rights.  Postponement notifications should be advised 7 days or more before the commencement of your hire.   If we are not notified of a postponement in this timeframe then our standard cancellation terms will be applied.

Please follow the process outlined below to make the postponement:

  1. Write to us advising you wish to postpone.
  2. We will acknowledge in writing and hold funds on account for the amount you have paid.   At this point we will remove your booking from our system.
  3. When you are ready you will then make a new booking, using our website, for a hire to be completed before 31/10/2021.  You will choose the “make booking and pay by telephone option”.   This will ensure you are not asked for payment.
  4. When you have made this booking please email us to advise.
  5. We will apply your credit voucher.  Any balance due will be requested at this time.


Please note that our ability to fulfil your request for a future hire will be subject to availability.    We will however do everything in our power to accommodate your needs.

These revised postponement terms are only available for as long as there are government enacted lockdowns or restrictions (including quarantine) on non essential travel in your home territory or in Scotland.   Restrictions related to travel and overnight stays in Scotland cease on 3rd July 2020.

All requests for postponements and cancellations should be in writing; not by phone.   Please email


COVID-19 Enhanced Operational Procedures

Our vehicles are always thoroughly cleaned between hires.    During this time, where containing the spread of coronavirus is of the utmost importance we have implemented additional procedures.   They are as follows:

  • Our disinfecting chemicals have been reviewed to ensure they would kill the virus
  • All hard surfaces are thoroughly cleaned using these chemicals and are audited by additional staff
  • Minimum 60% alcohol hand wash santisers will be available throughout our facility.
  • Social distancing measures in place throughout our facility, including one-way thoroughfares
  • We will not welcome customers with hand shakes as we have previous done.
  • Vehicle briefings will be conducted at a safe distance and only with one member of the booking party
  • Video briefings will be available during the vehicle handover and online to minimise the need for close contact.