Premier Campervan – 2 or 4 Berth (Automatic)

This is the Atlas 2 and 4 Berth Premier Campervan. All the spec of a premier motorhome crammed into a vehicle a bit smaller. Perfect for couples or up to 4 persons looking for a more luxurious campervan experience, with powerful heating, toilet with separate shower, good size fridge and full hob, grill and oven. This has to be one of the most well equipped camper vans available for touring Scotland.  You will want for little else.  The vehicle can be configured as a 2 berth or 4 berth.   If you choose the 4 berth option (select in options section when booking) we will provide the vehicle with a double bed above the rear seated area, see photographs.

This size of vehicle lends itself very well for some of Scotland’s narrower roads.   So if you are thinking of doing something like the North Coast 500 route then this vehicle will be ideal.  At 6 metres long it is also easy to park in car parks.

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Combining comfort and practicality the Atlas premier 2 & 4 Berth Campervan has a forward saloon area with table.   The rear has two facing soft furnished bench seats.  These seats quickly convert into a full size double bed.   If you choose the optional 2nd bed this will be set up above the lower bed area.   Effectively making a double bunk bed.   The driver and passenger seats rotate making a front social and dining area.

This rear social area is great for relaxing in, just chill out on a sunny evening with the rear doors open, or snuggle up in the full size double bed.  In the forward area you can dine and relax with front seats swivelled.  You can plug your MP3/iPod/iPhone into the audio system and enjoy your own music on-the-go.

In the mid section is a well appointed washroom with toilet, wash basin, and a good sized shower with hot/cold mixer taps.

There is a fully integrated kitchen with hob, oven/grill, fridge with freezer box so meals are easily prepared and served.

A powerful heater keep this campervan cosy all year round.  Fully equipped for wild camping, including a power inverter (optional) for charging devices with 3 pin sockets.   Mobile phones can be charged from the 12 volt systems.   There is no need to plug in at camp sites to enjoy the main services of this vehicle.  Pick your favourite spots and stay there!

Power assisted steering and powerful, yet economical automatic euro 6 diesel engines makes this campervan very easy to drive and park.




This low profile van feels small on the road and is easy to drive on some of Scotland’s narrower roads.  A 2 bike rack can be fitted as an option and access is granted through the rear doors without removing the bikes.  An in built LPG gas tank means there is no gas cupboard, offering more space for personal effects.  The toilet cassette is located on the drivers side.  The side door also provides wider access to the living space.  Access to water filler and electric hook-up point are on each side.  The wind out awning effectively doubles the living space, protecting you from the weather (rain or shine!).   The exterior awning light gives you the outdoor space day AND night.

As with all our vehicles, the main habitation door is on the passenger (safe) side of the vehicle, allowing for easy access from the kerbside.

What is included with the vehicle?

To ensure you get the most from your holiday the following is provided as part of your hire :-

  • fully comprehensive insurance (see terms)
  • unlimited mileage – 6 day hire or longer
  • full gas (LPG) tank – to be returned full
  • national roadside support with full relay to Atlas depot if required
  • camping and Caravanning Club membership with 25% discount (see below)
  • free parking for customer vehicles at our depot
  • Camping chairs (optional at booking)
  • 240v power inverter (optional) – keep your laptops and phones charged
  • Brush and tray set
  • Washing up liquid
  • Kitchen sponges
  • Multi-purpose cleaning detergent
  • Towel for drying dishes, pans etc
  • Gas hob igniter
  • Plates, Cups, Bowls, plastic glasses
  • Kettle
  • Saucepans, frying pan
  • Cutlery, bottle opener, can opener etc
  • Cooking utensils
  • Chopping board
  • Colander
  • Road atlas
  • Campsite Guide and Maps
  • Fire Extinguisher & Fire Blanket
  • Bin bags


  • overall length: 5.99m
  • overall width: 2.26m
  • overall height: 2.68m


  • engine 2.2 euro 6 diesel 130hp (upgraded)
  • automatic gearbox (upgraded)
  • driver and passenger airbag
  • cruise control with speed limiter
  • standard car licence

Passenger Information

  • 4 x passenger seats
  • 4 x 3 point setbelts
  • sleeps 2 or 4 with optional bed
  • pet friendly vehicles available


  • lounge seats become double bed 1.36 x 1.86m
  • optional top double bunk 1.20 x 1.79m
  • exterior wind-out awning
  • gas combi oven/grill
  • gas cooker hobs x 3
  • gas oven/grill
  • toilet, washbasin and shower
  • flyscreens and blinds


  • fresh water supply 85 ltr
  • hot water tank 20 ltr
  • waste water tank 85 ltr
  • living room battery 110ah
  • sockets 12v x 2
  • sockets 230v x 3
  • USB charger sockets x 2 (cab)


  • cab air conditioning
  • radio and media system
  • central heating (gas and electric)
  • wardrobe hanging space
  • camping chairs (optional)
  • 1st Driver Insurance
  • Limited Mileage (100 per day)
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • Household Hook Up Adapter
  • Unlimited Mileage Upgrade
    £20 per day
  • Upper Double Bed, makes campervan 4 berth
    £11 per day
  • Bedding - SINGLE: duvet, sheet, pillows and pillow cases
  • Bedding - DOUBLE: duvet, sheets, pillows and pillow cases
  • Extra Pillows x 2
  • Hand Towel
    £4 each
  • Bath Towel
    £6 each
  • Luxury Bath Sheet/Towel: twice the area of normal bath towel
    £10 each
  • Heated Blanket: 12 volt connector, keep the chill off on the cold nights
    £10 per hire
  • Satellite Navigation (GPS)
    £5 per day
  • 12v to 240v power inverter
    £15 per hire
  • Camping Chair
  • Outside Picnic Table
  • Child Booster Seat 4-12 years
    £1 per day
  • Child Safety Seat 9 mths to 4 years
    £4 per day
  • Windscreen and Window Extra Cover
    £8 per day
  • Additional Driver Insurance
    £9 per day
  • Insurance Excess Reduction (600)
    £15 per day
  • FREE Car Parking @ Glasgow Depot
  • Pet Friendly Vehicle Available
    £35 per hire
  • Walkie Talkie 2-Way Radios
    £15 per hire
  • Bike Rack for 2 bikes
  • Wifi Internet (Mobile)
    £5 per day
  • Adult Mountain Bike
    £7 per day

All the features you could wish for all in a vehicle well suited to Scotland’s smaller roads.  A hit with couples looking for high level motorhome specification in a more compact vehicle.

Virtual Tour
{"id":1,"title":"Main Living Area","default":true,"thumb":"","img":{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/610990416.765757-4000x2000.jpg","width":4000},"position":{"yaw":-2.489704432477785,"pitch":0.5202385630545585,"fov":1.4281683468936146},"hotspots":[{"id":1,"type":"scene","title":"Rear Lounge","position":{"yaw":-0.5022888785428332,"pitch":0.37139841361818426},"scene":{"id":"2","position":{"yaw":-0.0063670220603242456,"pitch":0.7146398662117939,"fov":1.427448757889531}},"popup":{"titleColor":"#000000","titleBgColor":"#ffffff"}},{"id":2,"type":"scene","title":"Washroom","position":{"yaw":-0.8590144064796998,"pitch":0.10191882724616441},"scene":{"id":"4","position":{"yaw":2.8300513806343313,"pitch":0.6066657222224343,"fov":1.427448757889531}},"popup":{"titleColor":"#000000","titleBgColor":"#ffffff"}}]}
{"id":2,"title":"Rear Lounge","default":false,"thumb":"","img":{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/610990418.197911-4000x2000.jpg","width":4000},"position":{"yaw":-0.009139178717788354,"pitch":0.791464168184346,"fov":1.4281683468936146},"hotspots":[{"id":1,"type":"scene","title":"Make bed","position":{"yaw":0.7383989530630028,"pitch":0.8860974739094658},"scene":{"id":"3","position":{"yaw":0.44739253124369505,"pitch":0.8948871139603742,"fov":1.2912660152972721}},"popup":{"titleColor":"#000000","titleBgColor":"#ffffff"}},{"id":2,"type":"scene","title":"Front Lounge","position":{"yaw":2.99896438827831,"pitch":0.3663303225122032},"scene":{"id":"1","position":{"yaw":-2.672971723236241,"pitch":0.8457634145897011,"fov":1.427448757889531}},"popup":{"titleColor":"#000000","titleBgColor":"#ffffff"}},{"id":3,"type":"scene","title":"Washrom","position":{"yaw":-2.549044403567434,"pitch":0.36604559709805073},"scene":{"id":"4","position":{"yaw":2.953097075588179,"pitch":0.5245874653412415,"fov":1.427448757889531}},"popup":{"titleColor":"#000000","titleBgColor":"#ffffff"}}]}
{"id":3,"title":"Rear Bed","default":false,"thumb":"","img":{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/610990419.576518-4000x2000.jpg","width":4000},"position":{"yaw":-0.01673243722285278,"pitch":0.7844851704347384,"fov":1.4281683468936146},"hotspots":[{"id":1,"type":"scene","title":"Make Lounge","position":{"yaw":-0.10026491527400339,"pitch":0.7198527246951212},"scene":{"id":"2","position":{"yaw":0.0671132243142889,"pitch":0.8476093080490461,"fov":1.34724800098622}},"popup":{"titleColor":"#000000","titleBgColor":"#ffffff"}},{"id":2,"type":"scene","title":"Front Lounge","position":{"yaw":2.9378202496089676,"pitch":0.3137787841952946},"scene":{"id":"1","position":{"yaw":-2.7533656773359816,"pitch":0.7541364241528346,"fov":1.427448757889531}},"popup":{"titleColor":"#000000","titleBgColor":"#ffffff"}}]}
{"id":4,"title":"Washroom","default":false,"thumb":"","img":{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/610990414.905253-4000x2000.jpg","width":4000},"position":{"yaw":2.8042677427316107,"pitch":0.7644638561148511,"fov":1.4281683468936146},"hotspots":[{"id":1,"type":"scene","title":"Front Lounge","position":{"yaw":0.7797195456550874,"pitch":0.772804704666104},"scene":{"id":"1","position":{"yaw":-1.5941854093234564,"pitch":0.46080097962563826,"fov":1.427448757889531}},"popup":{"titleColor":"#000000","titleBgColor":"#ffffff"}}]}