Premier Motorhome Hire – 5 Berth with Master Bedroom (Automatic)

The separate bedroom with island bed is the stand out feature of this popular motorhome.  The bedroom is separated from main cab by a door, providing privacy.   Most popular with families wanting two separate living areas and for couples wanting an apartment style layout.  The bedroom has an island bed and ensuite toilet & shower.  Includes TV/DVD, full size shower, fridge freezer. Economical engine and central heating system.   The front living area has 5 seating positions.  The double bed in this area electrically disappears into the ceiling during the day.  5 seat belts.  Automatic gearbox

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Interior Features of 5 Berth Motorhome - Roller Team Zefiro 696

This is one of our best layouts for couples and small families.   The separate bedroom with island bed at normal bed height provides comfort and privacy from the front of the vehicle.   No ladders required to enter this bed.  Shower and toilet are separate and are en-suite to the master bedroom.   The shower is full size and the toilet has its own sink with vanity mirror and cabinets.

The double bed in the forward cabin is electrically lowered from the ceiling, neatly disappearing during the day and leaving a social space that will easily seat 5.

There is ample storage in this vehicle with 2 wardrobes either side of the master bed as well as additional storage under the bed and an external garage locker.

As with all our premier range motorhomes it comes very well specified internally.   This vehicle will suit families wanting the two separate living areas or couples wanting an apartment style living on the road.

The premier specification includes: A kitchen which boasts a near full size fridge with separate freezer compartment.   Perfect for long trips away and irregular visits to the grocery store.   The cooking set up includes a 3 burner gas hob and combination grill and oven.   This is also gas, allowing cooking away from campsites and hook up electrical supply.   There is good storage in the kitchen for food.  We supply all pots, pans, plates, cups, glasses, utensils and kettle.   The TV/DVD is located in the bedroom.

As with all our vehicles, all systems will operate when you are wild camping.  This is perfect if you want a few days away from campsites and want to go touring further afield or to more remote spaces.  This is aided by the powerful solar panel which keeps your battery levels topped up.

Fully equipped for wild camping, including a power inverter (optional) for charging devices with 3 pin sockets.   Mobile phones can be charged from the 12 volt systems.   There is no need to plug in at camp sites to enjoy the main services of this vehicle.

A front facing panoramic roof window and other roof hatches provides a light and airy feel into the cabin and bed area.


Exterior Features of 5 Berth Motorhome - Roller Team Zefiro 696

As with all our vehicles you can drive this with a standard car licence.  It is just over 7 metres long, which is still well suited to the roads of Scotland and the rest of the UK.   At the rear is a colour reverse camera aiding parking.  The bike rack on the rear can take 4 bikes securely.  Bikes can also be hired from us if you cannot bring your own.   From the outside you can access the storage space under the bed (you can access from the inside as well). There is a gas locker which will store 2 gas bottles. It is always comforting to have a gas cylinder in reserve.   The vehicle has a low profile front end which helps reduce drag and provide a healthy fuel consumption (32-35 mpg). This vehicle feels light to drive and makes for a comfortable holiday with simple driving.

As with all our vehicles, the main habitation door is on the passenger (safe) side of the vehicle, allowing for easy access from the kerbside.

What is included with the motorhome?

To ensure you get the most from your holiday the following is provided as part of your hire :-

  • fully comprehensive insurance (see terms)
  • unlimited mileage – 6 day hire or longer
  • national roadside support with full relay to Atlas depot if required
  • camping and Caravanning Club membership with 25% discount
  • free parking for customer vehicles at our depot
  • Camping chairs (optional at booking)
  • 240v power inverter (optional at booking) – keep your laptops and cameras charged
  • Brush and tray set
  • Washing up liquid
  • Kitchen sponges
  • Multi-purpose cleaning detergent
  • Towel for drying dishes, pans etc
  • Gas hob igniter
  • Plates, Cups, Bowls, glasses
  • Kettle
  • Saucepans, frying pan
  • Cutlery, bottle opener, can opener etc
  • Cooking utensils
  • Chopping board
  • Colander
  • Road atlas
  • Campsite Guide and Maps
  • Fire Extinguisher & Fire Blanket
  • Bin bags


  • overall length: 7.4m
  • overall height: 3.0m
  • overall width: 2.3m
  • interior headroom: 2.08m


  • engine: 2.3l diesel 150hp (upgraded)
  • automatic transmission (upgraded)
  • cruise control with speed limiter
  • driver and passenger airbag
  • standard car licence
  • Air conditioning
  • 120w solar panel

Passenger Information

  • 5 x passenger seats
  • 5 x 3 point seatbelts
  • sleeps up to 5
  • childseats available (option)
  • pet friendly vehicles available


  • rear bedroom with double bed 1900x1400mm
  • elevating bed 1900x1320mm
  • dinette conversion bed 2120x970(550)mm
  • good storage under bed
  • gas combi oven/grill
  • gas cooker hobs x 3
  • 140l fridge freezer (220v, 12V, gas)
  • low drain LED lighting
  • toilet with separate shower cubicle
  • flyscreens and blinds


  • fresh water supply 100 ltr
  • hot water tank 20 ltr
  • waste water tank 120 ltr
  • living room battery 90 ah
  • USB and 12v sockets
  • 240v sockets


  • radio/smartphone/mp3 input USB
  • tv with dvd and games inputs (bedroom)
  • gas and electric heating 4000w
  • gas and electric hot water
  • wardrobe hanging space x 2
  • camping chairs (optional)
  • bluetooth phone support
  • bike rack (4 bikes)
  • rear camera
  • 1st Driver Insurance
  • Included gas bottle
  • Limited Mileage (100 per day)
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • Unlimited Mileage Upgrade
    £20 per day
  • Full Gas Bottle - non refundable
  • Bedding - SINGLE: duvet, sheet, pillows and pillow cases
  • Bedding - DOUBLE: duvet, sheets, pillows and pillow cases
  • Extra Pillows x 2
  • Hand Towel
    £4 each
  • Bath Towel
    £6 each
  • Luxury Bath Sheet/Towel: twice the area of normal bath towel
    £10 each
  • Heated Blanket: 12 volt connector, keep the chill off on the cold nights
    £10 per hire
  • 12v to 240v power inverter
    £15 per hire
  • Camping Chair
  • Outside Picnic Table
  • Child Booster Seat 4-12 years
    £1 per day
  • Child Safety Seat 9 mths to 4 years
    £4 per day
  • Windscreen and Window Extra Cover
    £8 per day
  • Additional Driver Insurance
    £9 per day
  • Insurance Excess Reduction (600)
    £15 per day
  • FREE Car Parking @ Glasgow Depot
  • Pet Friendly Vehicle Available
    £35 per hire
  • Portable Gas BBQ
  • Walkie Talkie 2-Way Radios
    £15 per hire
  • Adult Mountain Bike
    £7 per day

The island bed separated bedroom with separate lounge and well appointed kitchen with large fridge freezer make this a winner for families and couples.

Virtual Tour
{"id":1,"title":"Main Living Area","default":true,"thumb":"","img":{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/610990413.448644-4000x2000.jpg","width":4000},"position":{"yaw":-2.7722175158496682,"pitch":0.4175444899408749,"fov":1.4281683468936146},"hotspots":[{"id":1,"type":"scene","title":"Drop Down Bed","position":{"yaw":-2.7831385921546463,"pitch":-1.0771119351158092},"scene":{"id":"3","position":{"yaw":0.05620449620562695,"pitch":0.7101557128487475,"fov":1.427448757889531}},"popup":{"titleColor":"#000000","titleBgColor":"#ffffff"}},{"id":2,"type":"scene","title":"Master Bedroom","position":{"yaw":-0.25191270904000085,"pitch":0.23613624359429508},"scene":{"id":"2","position":{"yaw":-0.21759462571475652,"pitch":0.5856644328051797,"fov":1.427448757889531}},"popup":{"titleColor":"#000000","titleBgColor":"#ffffff"}}]}
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{"id":3,"title":"Front Drop Down Bed","default":false,"thumb":"","img":{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/610990407.019338-4000x2000.jpg","width":4000},"hotspots":[{"id":1,"type":"scene","title":"Day Layout","position":{"yaw":-0.09026789923081324,"pitch":0.8987208437072258},"scene":{"id":"1","position":{"yaw":-3.113919221949123,"pitch":0.645989961058623,"fov":0.7853981633974483}},"popup":{"titleColor":"#000000","titleBgColor":"#ffffff"}},{"id":2,"type":"scene","title":"Master Bedroom","position":{"yaw":2.9876791854184166,"pitch":0.5020910962815428},"scene":{"id":"2","position":{"yaw":-0.1940258826456951,"pitch":0.620940230935922,"fov":1.427448757889531}},"popup":{"titleColor":"#000000","titleBgColor":"#ffffff"}}],"position":{"yaw":-0.0636932795820293,"pitch":0.7901531508664323,"fov":1.4281683468936146}}
{"id":4,"title":"Bed View","default":false,"thumb":"","img":{"src":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/610990408.590324-4000x2000.jpg","width":4000},"position":{"yaw":-3.137784662459408,"pitch":-0.23677789861284992,"fov":1.4281683468936146},"hotspots":[{"id":1,"type":"scene","title":"Main Living Area","position":{"yaw":3.1207112708472486,"pitch":-0.1886780985300689},"scene":{"id":"1","position":{"yaw":-0.7015851710449859,"pitch":0.4674386984817147,"fov":1.427448757889531}},"popup":{"titleColor":"#000000","titleBgColor":"#ffffff"}}]}