Automatic Motorhome Hire

Why choose automatic motorhomes for hire?


For many, hiring a motorhome, will be something that has not been done before.   Even though all our motorhomes can be driven on a car licence * (category B) it can still be daunting, driving a larger vehicle for the first time.   Removing the need to manually change gears means there is one less process to think about.   This is good when you are on unfamiliar roads or in heavy traffic.   Being able to concentrate on getting used to the vehicle, rather than thinking about a strange clutch “biting” point and making sure you don’t roll back on a hill start, can make all the difference.

Since we migrated our motorhome fleet to automatics, we noticed a double digit reduction in the number of small incidences of damage to the vehicle.   Much less rear end damage which may come from more control.   There is no chance of a foot slipping off the clutch and the vehicle lurching into something.

* This is the same for UK and EU categories.   The same also applies to other territories.   If you have a car licence in your home country you will be able to hire from us.

It’s a pleasure to drive and is more relaxing

Until you have experienced it, driving an automatic motorhome, really is the next step in making your trip so much more pleasurable.   Most of our customers will travel to all the corners of Scotland and everything in between.   The single track roads need concentration.   The scenery must be taken in, even by the driver.   Getting on a off ferries requires focus.   All of these day to day experiences are made so much easier by not having to dedicate some of the thinking resources to changing to the correct gear.

Can I drive an automatic if I haven’t done it before?

If you can drive a manual then this is easier.   So the simple answer is yes.   Our team will brief you on the use of the automatic gear lever and offer some simple tips.  This will ensure you are happy to proceed within minutes.   We also have a video tutorial provided prior to collecting the vehicle and within the vehicle should you wish a refresher while on your travels.    We have had many customer, used to driving a manual only, return after their trip with plans to sell their manual car and replace it with an automatic.   Converted to the easier way.