Relaxing Breaks

One of the beauties of hiring a motorhome and campervan is the freedom it provides to do exactly what you want… where you want.

Whether your holiday is purely designed for relaxing or you want to build some down time into a more active holiday there are many ways to make the most of this.

We will leave you to decide what is relaxing however our job is to make sure the motorhome and campervan helps you along the way.

Our vehicles come with some thought out features that should help smooth the relaxing process.  We’ll leave you to decide which is more use to the relaxing process from the following items:-

Many vehicles have flat screen TV’s with built in DVD,  games console and video camera inputs.  Watch the days antics, play some games or curl up in front of a good movie.  We’ll supply some, including some the kids will love.

Vehicles have sun shields, wind breaks, tables, chairs and BBQs to make the perfect chill out environment.  Relax, entertain guests or simply mind your own business.  Choose options when booking, some are free and some are chargeable.

Central Heating.  This is taken for granted at home.  On the road though and this is a luxury.  All our vehicles have warm air heating systems making you feel quite comfortable.  This makes all the difference if you want to make the most of the off peak seasons.

Holidays and short breaks take on a whole new level of relaxation in Scotland when you decide to travel away from high season (Easter, Summer Holidays).  If your schedule allows, this is definitely worth considering.  It’s cheaper too.

As always, your Atlas Holiday adviser is on hand to advise how to get the most from your break.  Call us to we can help you wind down on your holiday.