Very Important Pooches (VIP’s)

A version of this document is in the vehicle for your Dog to read!


If you have chosen a pet friendly vehicle then this section should be read by your best friend.


Dear Very Important Pooch,

We are pleased that your pack leader has decided not to send you off to the kennels or burden a neighbour with the task of looking after you.

Thankfully they’ve decided that you can come and join in with the road trip.  There will be plenty of walks, a massive range of smells and the likelihood of getting a few socials with other dogs and their pack leaders.

Here is a quick list of Do’s and Don’ts for you.  This should improve your enjoyment and make sure the pack leaders don’t get an unnecessary bill.

  • Atlas welcome all well behaved VIPs for just a small charge. We use this to cover the additional costs of intensive cleaning at the end of your hire.
  • Please don’t be left alone in the vehicle if you are likely to cause a rumpus of any description and please don’t be on our own if your pack leaders go away for the day.
  • You are not allowed on the beds or soft furnishings. Please remain on the floor
  • Remind your pack leaders to remember your dog bedding and feeding bowls. You are not allowed to use any dishes meant for the humans.
  • Please make sure you are dried and your paws wiped before going inside. If we make a mess our pack leaders must clean up properly after us.
  • Our pack leaders are responsible for our behaviour at all times and we should be put on a lead when near others.
  • If we are really naughty, our pack leaders will be liable for all repair or replacement costs.

Have a great stay!


Dear Pack Leader,


Although we conduct a thorough clean of the vehicle on return from a Pet Friendly hire, we do however expect the following cleaning to take place before you return the vehicle:-


  • Brush and vacuum all areas, removing dog hair
  • Ensure all personal pet related items are removed from the vehicle.


We appreciate your assistance in this matter.