Bookings made before 28th December 2020

For bookings made prior to 28th December 2020 and for customers with funds on account we will be continuing to provide the terms offered at the time of booking.


Our normal terms and conditions remain in force for cancellations; see section 6.    If you wish to cancel and claim travel insurance please write to us at the details shown below.   We have altered our terms for postponements.  Moving a booking to a future date will not be classed as a cancellation (see below).



Postponements are available to all bookings that are fully paid and if government restrictions making it illegal to travel are in place in your home area, covering some or all the dates of your hire.  If you have a balance to pay you can cancel and only lose the deposit.   If you have a balance to pay and would like to postpone, we will require the balance first.  This converts the booking to “full” status and provides these postponement rights.  Postponement notifications should be advised 14 days or more before the commencement of your hire.   If we are not notified of a postponement in this timeframe then our standard cancellation terms will be applied.  An exception to this notification period will be waived if the government restriction is enacted within the 14 day period and covers the hire dates.

Please follow the process outlined below to make the postponement:

  1. Write to us advising you wish to postpone.
  2. We will acknowledge in writing and hold funds on account for the amount you have paid.   At this point we will remove your booking from our system.
  3. When you are ready you will then make a new booking, using our website, for a hire to be completed before 15/12/2021.  You will choose the “make booking and pay by telephone option”.   This will ensure you are not asked for payment.
  4. When you have made this booking please email us to advise.
  5. We will apply your credit voucher.  Any balance due will be requested at this time.


Please note that our ability to fulfil your request for a future hire will be subject to availability.    We will however do everything in our power to accommodate your needs.

These revised postponement terms are only available for as long as there are government enacted lockdowns or restrictions (including quarantine) on non essential travel in your home territory or in Scotland.   

All requests for postponements and cancellations should be in writing; not by phone.   Please email